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My Amazon Prime Day Picks!

Amazon Prime Day is upon us (July 11 + 12), and who doesn't love convenience and saving money??

I've put together a little roundup of my Amazon favorites (with commission links). These are things that I personally use and absolutely love (otherwise I wouldn't share them), that make my life and health journey much better.

Like this Vitamix!


The Hydroflask that reminds me to drink water and keeps it cool

Cure Hydration electrolyte packets (berry + watermelon are my current faves)

White Noise Machine that really blocks noise

Mouth Tape for sleeping (check with your doctor first) this helps you breath through your nose at night and can aid with better sleep!

Weighted blanket - I think this helps me sleep a lot better, it's calming

Goal Planner to stay on track - it has a morning review, evening review, weekly + monthly review, so you don't lose sight of your goals

Apple Watch Series 8 - you don't need a health tracker, but I like the fact that it encourages me to get some steps in because my job is more sedentary (this is also an excellent deal!)


Resistance bands that you can take on-the-go and don't take up too much space

Circular Resistance Bands, also portable, that you can wrap around your door too

Foam Roller for recovery + help reduce injuries


Milk Frother for the frothiest home lattes (literally use daily)

The Ninja 5-in-1 Fryer Indoor Grill that I use all the time

I have this Vitamix Ascent Series, and it's great for making smoothies, soups, and more

Here's a Vitamix version that's just as good and for less $$$

The 9-in-1 Instant Pot - I'm all for any appliance that makes life easier (just made homemade yogurt with it!)

Reusable silicon Stasher Bags - less plastic waste, but also multi-purpose (great for snacks but also keeps trinkets safe & dry at the beach) and easy to clean

Home + Household:

Dyson Stick Vacuum - if you have dogs, this is amazing

And the Dyson Air Purifier that I use nightly (functions as a white noise machine for me)


If you have pets that shed, then this lint & fur tool is a game changer for carpets, etc.

Slow Feeder to help digestion

If you bought something or are going to buy something for Prime Day, I'd love to know what it is! Leave a comment below with your purchases :)


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